Home Buyer Consulting

Most Home Buyers are always in need of Professional Consultation when buying an existing Home or building a new one from scratch. Most will receive bits and pieces of advice from varied sources that range from Realtors to Home Inspectors that are valuable but not really comprehensive as a whole needed to make a well-informed decision between several desireable Homes.


The fact that our MAX Team of Professionals include extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Design, Build and Marketing phases of the daunting purchasing process helps the Home Buyer receive a more balanced evaluation of the final Homes or Builder being considered without the outside pressures that may come from a possible Commission / Referral Fee that influencing a choice that may not be in the best interest of the Home Buyer.


The most valuable asset of these ala-carte Services is in the new Home construction process whereas we provide important oversight and advice during the toughest phases that include Lot Selection, Plan Design, Material Sections, Builder Contract Pricing, Construction Management, and even Dispute Resolution if the need arises. Anyone of these Services may save you thousands of dollars in Construction delays, budget over-runs or just general misunderstandings of the Building process.


In short, we are here to help provide a healthy liaison between the Home Buyer and the Builder resulting in a well-built home for your family to enjoy for many years to come!